Fault Tolerance Parameters in “tibemsd.conf ” file


ft_active = URL
Specifies the URL of the active server.
If this server can connect to the active server, it will act as a backup server.
If this server cannot connect to the active server, it will become the active server.
ft_heartbeat = seconds
Specifies the interval (in seconds) the active server is to send a heartbeat signal to the backup server to indicate that it is still operating. Default is 3 seconds.
ft_activation = seconds
Activation interval (maximum length of time between heartbeat signals) which indicates that active server has failed. Set in seconds: default is 10.
This interval should be set to at least twice the heartbeat interval.
For example: ft_activation = 60
Note: The ft_activation parameter is only used by the backup server after a fault-tolerant switchover.
The active server uses the server_timeout_server_connection to detect a failed server.
ft_reconnect_timeout = seconds
The amount of time (in seconds) that a backup server waits for clients to reconnect (after it assumes the role of primary server in a failover situation).
If a client does not reconnect within this time period, the server removes its state from the shared state files.
The ft_reconnect_timeout time starts once the server has fully recovered the shared state, so this value does not account for the time it takes to recover the store files.
The default value of this parameter is 60.

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