Rendezvous with corporate myrmidons

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Good Morning all to my wonderful readers. I came across a very interesting topic for my post. I have many colleagues, who respect and value me and I equally reciprocate them with what they deserve. But there are few, like those t shirts that lose color at first wash. That’s the nature of their quality. These are some individuals of the organization, who gets paid only for their mere existence. These are corporate myrmidons and I have dealt with a few of them in life, so here I am sharing some instances with ya’all.

I have a tendency to keep my distance from people who are dominating and sarcastic in their lingual dexterity. Therefore I hardly mingled with people personally. In the beginning of my career, when I was way below average at my work and a struggling learner, I was often a victim of corporate bullying. Many treated me…

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