Too Much Of Automation – Boon or Sin ?

I Always begin with an “arigatogozaimasta” which literally translates to “Nice to meet you” in Japanese, so nice to meat you all Readers.

Being in IT Field ain’t that easy, now the era is moving towards automation, literally automating everything from start to end.

Lately we came across a situation wherein we had configured webhooks on Jenkins from Git Repository for a Jenkins Deployment Pipe to run, there was a bug in Jenkins, wherein during SCM Checkout the Pipe Stage used to fail frequently.

The Worst part was that there were developers who were given access to view the pipe getting executed in Jenkins, they saw the stage getting failed and kept on pushing any random changes in git just to get the pipe moving to the next stage.

Also we had integrated the deployments with Slack, therefore our channel was full of RED Alerts Like an SOS LOL ….

So my point here is, Is too much Automation a Boon ?? or a Sin ???

Have another such incident i recall,

We had integrated Alexa with Docker using AWS Lambda (FAAS Module), the precision of the skills developed wasn’t up to the mark, but somehow it was functional.

On the day of seminar there were hundreds of people anticipating to witness a technical miracle.

I had my portainer shared on the big screen and i confidently shouted “Alexa please stop the docker service named nginx” and to my surprise Alexa ended up displaying my bookmarks and the first five sites were “ahem ahem, you know ?? that kinda stuff”, the crowd went haywire and starting having a ball ……

i shouted out again “Alexa please stop the docker service named nginx”, this time Alexa was like “The weather in Mumbai is 32 deg C with clear skies”, it was getting on my nerves and i shouted “Alexa will you please fucking stop the docker service named nginx” …. Alexa responded “Nginx service is now deleted” and my portainer got refreshed with nginx off its service list ..

I wonder how it responded to my profanity with such precision …. which really makes me dicey on too much of automation .

My seminar was too good, except for the fact that all the ladies in the house would never forget my notorious bookmarks … lol …….

Which again brings me to another funny incident…. But this time with my buddy.

My buddy richard once went to a Hotel in Japan, which is operated by robots.

iOT is at its good stage in Japan ……. He recounts an experience which i’d like to share with ya’all

He Checked in and went into his suite …… it was around 11 PM, he freshened up and was off to bed, he decided to switch the lights off. the name of the robot was mitomi, and there were instructions to give command to mitomi.

He said “Mitomi switch off the light”, suddenly there was a weird symphony on B minor played from the speakers and it sounded horrid, so he demanded to stop the music “Mitomi stop the music”, the lights went off and music stopped.

He was like “WTF !!” literally………. Automation went into paranormal outrage for him .

Too much of automation  Is a paraphernalia for disasters as per my opinion.

Please Share if you have any such experiences with too much of automation.


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