TIBCO Business Works / Adapter Services “starting up” State

TIBCO BW / Adapter services take long time to start.We gotta add the following property to the base bwengine.tra file then restart the slow-starting services and see if the startup speeds up:


If you prefer, you can test the same property on one slow application service first by adding it to the application’s .tra file. If it works, apply it to the base bwengine.tra.

If the solution above helps, consider the following option below for a global fix:

Open the <jre_home>/lib/security/java.security configurations file, and edit/modify the property “securerandom.source” as follows:

Change the property




and save the change.

Probably You Might get rid of indefinite starting up issue, provided all the resources in the Admin server are enough for management.


Disabling HTTP methods in TIBCO Administrator Tomcat

Title: Disabling HTTP methods in Administrator Tomcat.
Description: To restrict the response to specific HTTP Methods such as OPTIONS, PUT, DELETE, CONNECT and TRACE, Tomcat can be configured to not respond to any of these HTTP Methods.
Environment: All  Linux  Windows
Resolution: This can be configured at the instance level by inserting a <security-constraint> element directly under the <web-app> element in the installation’s web.xml file located at: [tomcatinstallation]/conf/web.xml

Below is the added configuration.

< security-constraint>
< web-resource-collection>
< web-resource-name>restricted methods</web-resource-name>
< url-pattern>/*</url-pattern>
< http-method>TRACE</http-method>
< http-method>PUT</http-method>
< http-method>OPTIONS</http-method>
< http-method>DELETE</http-method>
< /web-resource-collection>
< auth-constraint />
< /security-constraint>

The configuration above will disable the HTTP Methods TRACE, PUT, OPTIONS or DELETE.  Specificly for TRACE, open the Tibco_home/administrator/domain<domain_name>/tomcat/conf/server.xml and set the allowTrace=”false” in the HTTP connector string used by the admin server. After this attribute is set, restart  admin server.

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