These three are protocols that we are using in RV messaging Service.

In earlier versions, RV was using the PGM protocol and now we are using UDP, TRDP (Tibco Real-time Distributed Protocol) protocol while sending the messages in RV. Whenever we install the RV we need to select the protocol that we want to use. We can select PGM or UDP,TRDP.

TRDP is used for sends the acknowledgement back to the publisher in case of failures and sequence message delivery and hide the network details. TRDP (TIBCO Reliable Data-gram Protocol) is a proprietary protocol running on top of UDP.

It brings mechanisms to manage reliable message delivery in a broadcast/multicast paradigm, this includes :
– message numbering
– negative acknowledgement

TRDP is used by RV. it has three Quality of Service Reliable, Certified Messaging and Distributed Queue. In all of them sender stores the message. Reliable senders send stores the message that’s broadcast-ed for 60 secs. In Certified messaging the sender stores the message in a ledger file till it receives the confirmation from all the certified receivers. In Distributed Queue the message will be stored in the process ledger.In Certified messaging and DQ, it assures the sequence as well. Over all TRDP assures the delivery of the message.



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